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Top ten tips for getting your business grant application accepted
BONUS Tip # 20 - Presentation counts

Make sure you are presenting your application exactly how they ask for it. Never assume your application will be so fantastic that they won't care you didn't follow instructions perfectly.

Are they asking that the application be typed? Then don't send in a sloppy handwritten - or even a neatly handwritten - application.

Do they request the application include a two-page handwritten essay about how your business will enhance your community? Then don't send a typed essay about why you need the money instead of doing it how they asked you and on the topic they requested you write about.

Don't use fancy fonts on your application - stick with Times New Roman or Arial.

Do they request it send by email attachment in a Word document? Don't mail them a USB stick with your application in Works instead.

And while you are at it, ensure your website is perfect, because if you have a website, you can bet they will check it out if you are being considered for the grant.

Always make sure you follow instructions perfectly on how they request you to submit your application and don't fall victim to the assumption that they won't care... because chances are good that if they asked you to do it a certain way that that is how they really want it - and failure to do so could end up with your application rejected completely.



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